Friday, 22 October 2021

Lady Gaga faced constant harassment

LOS ANGELES-GN: Lady GaGa was constantly ‘’harassed’’ when she began her music career.

The 32-year-old singer-and-actress – who previously admitted to suffering from PTSD after being raped when she was 19 – claims it was the ‘’rule’’ to expect unwanted advances whenever she went into the recording studio, but when she did confide in people, no one wanted to ‘’protect’’ her as it would mean losing their own ‘’power’’.

She said: ‘’When I started in the music business when I was around 19, it was the rule, not the exception, that you would walk into a recording studio and be harassed. It was just the way that it was.

‘’So I do wish that I had spoken up sooner. I did speak up about it. I was assaulted when I was young, and I told people.

‘’And, you know, there was a ‘boys club.’ Nobody wants to lose their power, so they don’t protect you because if they say something, it takes some of their power away.’’


With issues such as sexual misconduct and the gender pay gap being discussed more openly in recent years, Gaga is hoping it is time for a big change.

Speaking to Glenn Close, Kathryn Hahn, Nicole Kidman, Regina King and Rachel Weisz for The Hollywood Reporter’s Actress’ Roundtable, she said: ‘’What I hope is that these conversations come together — that it’s not just about equal pay on one side … or equal billing over here … and then assault on this side.’’

And the ‘Star is Born’ actress is delighted that so many men have lent their support to the causes.

She said: ‘’That’s what is so exciting with the #MeToo movement and Time’s-Up, to see men coming to stand by our side and say, ‘We want you to be loud. We want to hear your voices.’ It’s really remarkable.’’

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