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Kate wants to work with Leonardo Dicaprio again

KATE Leonardo

PARIS: Kate Winslet has said she would love to work with ‘Titanic’ co-star Leonardo Dicaprio again and sent him pictures during the shooting of her new movie ‘The Mountain Between Us’. The Oscar-winning actors became firm friends when they worked on James Cameron’s 1997 box office sensation ‘Titanic’ and they reunited a decade later on ‘Revolutionary Road’.

While they currently have no plans to team up on screen again in the future, Kate would jump at the chance to do so, even if she has to wait a long time. She told E! News: ‘’There’s nothing that Leo and I have planned. But as always I would love to work with him again one day but who knows?

‘’It might not happen until we’re 70.’’ Kate can next be seen opposite Idris Elba in ‘The Mountain Between Us’ – in which they play two strangers who survive a plane crash on a snow-covered mountain and have to work together to survive – and she admitted her friend Leonardo warned her she was ‘’crazy’’ for taking on the role because it involved shooting in temperatures of -38 degrees Celsius.


But despite the tough conditions, the British actress insists it was nothing compared to what her pal went through when he shot ‘The Revenant’.

She said: ‘’Leonardo and I did speak before filming and he did sort of say to me ‘Oh my God, you are crazy. It’s going to be freezing cold. Do you honestly know what you are sending yourself up for?’

‘’I would send him little photos of me saying ‘Thinking of you’ as I am lying in the freezing snow covered ice and he would just send back slightly worried emojis.

‘’How could I ever compare anything to what he did in ‘The Revenant’? He did climb proper naked inside a horse carcass and I didn’t do anything like that. ‘’I have to hand it to him but I always have to hand it to him because he’s my friend.’’

While filming in the freezing cold, the actress says she has flashbacks to the watery shoot of ‘Titanic’ but claims ‘The Mountain Between Us’ was ‘’much harder’’.

She said: ‘’This was much harder than ‘Titanic’ because we really were at 10,000 feet and it really was -38 degrees Celsius. ‘’I definitely had ‘Titanic’ flashbacks. How could I not? Freezing cold. Me falling into that cold water.

‘’It was definitely reminiscent of certain other rather challenging, strenuous experiences I had 20 years ago.’’

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