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Kashmir conference held in British Parliament

LONDON: All parties parliamentary group on Pakistan held international conference on Kashmir in the British parliament on the eve of Kashmir Solidarity Day

The Kashmir conference was attended by all parties from Pakistan and UK. More than three dozen were MPs in attendance including AJK President and opposition leaders.

Dozens of Kashmiris representative groups also attended one of the biggest conference on Kashmir ever in UK parliament.

Rehman Chisti, born in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and currently, chairperson of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Pakistan (APPG-Pakistan), was the main organiser of International Conference on Kashmir.

Sayeeda Hussain Warsi

Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, Baroness Warsi, is a British lawyer, politician and member of the House of Lords. Sayeeda Warsi said successive UK governments have sidestepped the issue of Kashmir. “Sexual violence in Kashmir as a tool of war is most horrific. India is failing to fulfill its responsibility.

Debbie Abrahams

Labour MP and shadow foreign minister Debbie Abrahams said we need to wake up international community to take interest in the issue of Kashmir and their right of self determination.

India is a member of the commonwealth and by its rule should respect human rights, he said and added that India, UK and Pakistan can come together as commonwealth countries and hold India to standards of commonwealth, he said.

Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake said “There is unanimity of view that human rights should be protected and that there is no military conflict.”

He added “There is a special role for the UK government in terms of the historic role that it has to play.”

Labour MP Sharron Debbie

Labour MP Sharron Debbie from Birmingham said united in our sheer horror on what’s happening in Kashmir. Peace can never be achieved by violent means. Kashmir has become a horror story.

EX prime minister of Norway, Kjell Magne Bondevick

EX prime minister of Norway Mr Kjell Magne Bondevick said Kashmir is the longest lasting conflict. People are suffering, adding that huge abuses have created refugee problem.

He added it’s difficult to get attention as Yemen and Syria conflicts going on. “I visited Kashmir and was horrified to see the humanitarian situation. The only sustainable solution is political.”

India is a member of the commonwealth and by its rule should respect human rights, he said and added that India, UK and Pakistan can come together as commonwealth countries and hold India to standards of commonwealth, he said.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said its encouraging to see such a large support for Kashmir cause in UK by all parties Parliamentary group on Pakistan.

He said “Worst human rights abuses being perpetrated by India just because Kashmiris want right of self determination.”

The minister said we are here to express support to Kashmiris and all those who love freedom despite oppression by India. “Humanity is bleeding in Kashmir, people are distressed, life is extremely difficult with each passing day. Rape, murder and killings and grievous injuries are daily occurrences.”

He assured Kashmiris they are not alone in their just struggle, “we will continue to lend every kind of diplomatic and moral support and will stand by them every step of the way.”

Senator Nuzhat Sadiq

Senator Nuzhat Sadiq said Kashmir cause is dear to our hearts. The world needs to know about Indian terrorism. Children and women are being killed, innocent people losing their lives. “Kashmir today is the centre stage and its an important cause.”

Credit goes to the people of Kashmir for sustaining Indian terror. International community need to realise this.

Senator Mushahud Hussain Syed

Senator Mushahud Hussain Syed: All Pakistan has one voice on Kashmir, there is no division. Kashmir is the only conflict on the UN agenda whose resolution was agreed by both parties.

“Highest soldiers occupation ratio. One Indian soldier for 4-5 Kashmiris,” he said and added that rape is an instrument of war in IoK. Kids being killed.

“I pay tribute to Burhan Wani and other youth who have resisted the tyranny of terror. There are winds of change all across Asia from Korra to Kartarpur to Kabul and Kashmir is swayed by desire for change.”

UN resolutions make it clear that its UN responsibility because this issue is linked with the issue of peace.

He was thankful to all parties parliamentary groups on Kashmir for organising this conference. The time has come to take the bull by the horns.

Sardar Masood Khan

AJK President Sardar Masood Khan said this is mother of all parliaments lets hope this conference will bring worldwide realisation about Kashmir issue.

For the people of Kashmir the dark hour has spread over 200 years. For the past 71 years Kashmiris have gone through sufferings of unprecedented nature. Its humanitarian responsibility of all MPs in UK to raise voice on behalf of widows, victims of rape, families of those who have disappeared, the families of the victims of these killings, unmarked graves.”

He said “We salute their courage and determination and their resolution to continue their struggle for freedom.”

“India is writing a text book of human rights violations. Indian soldiers are perpetrating ethnic cleansing. International media has exposed massive human rights violations in Kashmir. There is global awareness but governments are tight lipped.”


Massive show of support for Kashmiris at Downing Street protest

British Kashmiris and Pakistani have called on the British government to end its silence over the genocide of Kashmiris by Indian occupation forces and take up the issue of killings, rape and torture of Kashmiris by Narendra Modi’s government.

During a huge show of solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir, hundreds of Kashmiris gathered outside 10 Downing Street for Kashmir Solidarity Day protest. Arguably, this was the largest demonstration in support of Kashmiris in any western capital by Kashmiri and Pakistani groups in recent memory. For the weekdays, this could be counted as the largest demonstration on a working day ever on Kashmir.

The World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis (WCOP) had issued a call to Kashmiri and Pakistani groups to take part in the protest. The WCOP’s President Naheed Randhawa had said in a statement that the entire Pakistani nation stands with its Kashmiri brethren in their valiant struggle to achieve the legitimate right to self-determination. “It is responsibility of all of all of us to take a stand for the people of Kashmir. It is our firm belief that Kashmiris will succeed in their struggle,” he had said.

Britain is home to around 1.5 million Pakistanis and Kashmiris and of these around a million trace their roots back to Azad (free) Kashmir and most of them have blood relations with Kashmiris across the border in Indian occupied Kashmir.


India asks UK to stop Kashmir event in London, UK says not in their hands


India has lodged a strong protest with the UK to stop the hosting of a conference on Kashmir to be held in British parliament on February 4. We hope that UK will understand our objections to the proposed conference, said Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson.

UK has said that it will not interfere in the matter. The British High Commission Spokesperson in New Delhi said, “UK Members of Parliament are independent of government; it is for individual members to decide who they meet and for what purpose.”


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