Saturday, 27 November 2021

Kartarpur corridor

The much heated relationship Pakistan shares with India has forever been the talk of time and continues to serve as a subject of disagreement for decades to go. Any move, break through or initiative taken to walk away from the shadows of jingoism are replaced with shades of nationalism as a shield to combat the divisions ensuring negotiations fall flat. However, this hasn’t discouraged policy makers or rulers in the past to shy away from offering their hand to help bridge the differences that can bring fore the giants into a debate of ending violence and instilling peace, maybe again for a change this time.

With the recent opening of Kartarpur Corridor for Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit the Gurdwara Darbar surrounding the Narrowal District, it has yet again triggered the release of venom out of the partisan parties who have reacted as per the customary course outlined in the past. In response to the opening, an Indian journalist responded that both countries need to focus on lasting and meaningful negotiations to be able to practice the structured peace process. With little consideration payed to the fact that peace dialogues begin with small talks and minor initiatives without glossing them into the bleak designs of bigotry.

Each time Pakistan wades its way out of the demonic forces that India imposes on it, it is pushed to where it came from. The unrelenting torrent of fiery rhetoric makes its way out to the Pakistan territory and ignites the peace claims ensuring all such efforts are diffused midway. The tales of torture, songs of hatred, echoes of violence and disparagement has normalized the germs of hate in a nation fed through the media to believe the gorier reality of a one sided narrative. Considering the size and influence it has on the masses, it is now part of the contest to see their impulsive enemy hate oozing out. By now we must be prepared to hear out the anti-Pakistan announcements not as a reaction to peace talks but rather their conditioned way of tactfully controlling the sail of the wind.

The saga does not just end with them backlashing the concerted efforts towards achieving harmony, but their alienation and refusal to participate in the SAARC summit as a declaration of their extremist invocation is itself a regressive wave. It is time to recall Sir Syed’s two nation theory and shed some realistic light on how the bitter hostilities are part of the past, and will continue to curate the future. The state identities that both nations have predefined the starting point towards any negotiations and to further the ties, any tactics based on merging them as friends will continue to die the damned death of insecurities.

Before Sikhs make their way to perform pilgrimage, let’s all hope Baba Guru Nanak is yet again on the mission of imploring for peace, believing this is the only way out now.

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