Sunday, 17 October 2021

Karan Johar: I become very coy when I’m in bed

BOLLYWOOD: For almost a decade now, we’ve seen Karan Johar pose some scandalous questions at stars who took to the iconic red couch. But tables turned when he sat down to record a podcast episode with Neha Dhupia for her finale episode of No Filter Neha season 3. This time, KJo was quizzed about everything under the sky, including the filmmaker’s sex life and Karan spilled the beans with no filters.

The director was asked about the one “don’t ever leak this in my sex tape” moment and his response is going to drop your jaws! The Simmba producer said that he was “coy” in bed and he has made sure he wouldn’t let his “old school Hindi film expressions” come out.

“Many a time, I become like those, I become very coy when I’m in bed and I think those are the portions I wouldn’t like releasing because where I’m giving like old school Hindi film expressions,” he told Neha.

It doesn’t end there! Karan went on to say, “I do like those very Dhal Gaya Din, Hogayi Shaam very like ’70s songs wale expressions. Those are the parts, I wouldn’t like to release because I think that would be a giveaway like I’m not in control and I hate that feeling. I’m in control but pretending not to be that’s the whole play acting I like to do when I’m in bed… So the coy bits are the ones I think I would like to do away with.”

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