Monday, 24 January 2022

Johnson urges people to return to work if they can

Andrew Parsons/10 Downing Street/Handout via Reuters

LONDON: Boris Johnson has urged people to go back to work if they can, contradicting his government’s advice that they should work from home if possible. Answering pre-selected questions from the public on Facebook, the British prime minister said he wanted people to feel more confident about going back to offices, restaurants and shops.

“I do want people to start to go to work now if you can, but remember to follow the guidance because that is the way to save lives,” he said.

“I think everybody has sort of taken the ‘stay at home if you can’ – I think we should now say, well, ‘go back to work if you can.’

“Because I think it’s very important that people should try to lead their lives more normally. I want to see more people feeling confident to use the shops, use the restaurants, and get back into work – but only if we all follow the guidance.”

The official government advice, which was updated on Thursday, says people should stay at home as much as possible, and work from home if they can.

“Employers should decide, in consultation with their employees, whether it is viable for them to continue working from home. Where it is decided that workers should come into their place of work then this will need to be reflected in the business’s risk assessment, and actions taken to manage the risks of transmission in line with this guidance,” it says.

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