Sunday, 29 May 2022

Ivanka Trump mocked over fan mail


NEW YORK: A little fan mail love has turned to hate for Ivanka Trump.

The daughter of US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday to share a cute photo of some hand written letters from children.

Many of them appear to be covered in love hearts and the words “thank you”, and she writes that “Reading them is one of the highlights of my week.”

But as with anything shared by a Trump, it quickly attracted a fair bit of antagonism online, with people mocking both the first daughter and her famous dad. Check out some of the best ones here:

It comes after Ivanka and her step mum Melania were targeted in a recent Newsweek article for their choice of footwear.

It was noted that the pair almost exclusively wear high heels – the staple shoe of beauty pageants like the one the President used to run – which are neither practical, comfortable, or something that the majority of average women are able to wear all day long.

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