Thursday, 2 December 2021

Italian restaurant in UK refuses to serve Nadia Jamil


LONDON: An Italian restaurant in Cambridge, United Kingdom, has been accused of racism and Islamophobia after allegedly refusing to serve famous Pakistani actress and philanthropist Nadia Jamil and her father.

Nadia Jamil took to the micro-blogging website Twitter to narrate the shocking incident.

A picture shared by Nadia Jamil saw the restaurant’s staff laughing at the actress who was ordered to leave along with her father.

“1st racist encounter in England. #DonPascual Italian restaurant in Main Market Square refused 2 serve Aba & me & asked us 2 leave!His beard!,” she tweeted.

“They refused to give us menus. I picked it up myself. Man says we will not serve you! Go in get self served! I asked why. Annoying people he answered.

“Then! He simply took the menus out of our hands and said ok. You can leave now. Aba (father) the sweetest, gentlest angel just said “cool it son” V Sad,” she said.

“#DonPasquale Cambridge where Pakistanis & old gentlemen with beards are asked 2 leave & refused service. Heartbroken Aba had 2 tolerate this.”

Her tweets caused an outrage on social media where angry fans and activists called for the Italian restaurant to clarify the situation.

Hours later, the Italian restaurant issued a statement, denying the allegations made by Nadia Jamil.

“Just to clarify the truth behind the allegations made by Nadia Jamil, earlier today. We have been trading for 40 years and Italian we have never expressed any hatred or mistreatment towards people of different race, religion or appearance,” it said in a Twitter statement.

“The events that have been portrayed are highly inaccurate and unfair.”

In response to another statement, Pasquale Benedetto‏ said that: ”we’ve never discriminated colour race or facial hair. And we didn’t today. Events have been portrayed wrongly.”

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