Monday, 29 November 2021

IS fan to be sentenced over fairy lights bomb


BIRMINGHAM: An Islamic State fan convicted of trying to make an improvised bomb using fairy lights will be sentenced today.

Zahid Hussain, 29, considered targeting railway lines after he was radicalised in his bedroom by viewing hundreds of IS images of the war in Syria.

His trial at Birmingham Crown Court was told how he wrongly believed his non-viable “bomb” – packed with shrapnel – was capable of causing devastation.

It also heard how Hussain attempted to create a remote-control “initiator” for a device by modifying a wireless doorbell.

He was found guilty of preparing terrorist acts.

Zahid, who was captured on CCTV clambering into a storm drain near a high-speed railway line, was arrested in August 2015 after being seen “patrolling” the streets near his home in Naseby Road, Alum Rock.

Officers went to his home and found an “improvised laboratory” and four allegedly viable igniters fashioned from fairy lights, the court heard.

Jurors had been told Hussain held a pronounced interest in IS and had viewed many hundreds of images relating to IS violent military conflict and images which included those of Osama bin Laden and the Boston bombers.

He is due to be sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court by Mr Justice Sweeney, who is sitting at Winchester Crown Court.

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