Sunday, 17 October 2021

Iqra Aziz opens up about her mother’s relationship with Yasir Hussain

LAHORE: Iqra Aziz after Yasir Hussain’s proposal that left the industry and social media in havoc, finally opened up about what went through inside her mind at that time, and turns out the actor was more worried about her mother being in the audience at the time of the proposal.

Speaking to BBC Asian Network in an interview, the 21-year-old star revealed that while he was walking towards her and speaking into the mic, her thoughts kept leaning towards what her mother would be thinking about his heartfelt speech.

“He just came down and I am like okay and then he comes closer and then he is talking to me, he is directly talking to me and he is not looking at me,” she said.

“My mother was sitting there in the audience at that time, she was there when I was getting proposed. So at that time I was like ‘Ammi bhi bethi hain yeh kya kar raha hai [My mother is also sitting here, what is he doing?]”, she added.

However, she went on to reveal that her mother had been ecstatic at the news of her daughter getting engaged.

“My mother actually cried and she loves Yasir more than me,” she said.

Treading further she set herself apart from the ‘traditional’ image of a typical girl in Pakistan saying: “I have never been that girl. Since childhood, I’ve carried the jeans and t-shirt look and I have always had a bob cut, I have never had long hair.”

“My mother once made me wear shalwar kameez, no offence to shalwar kameez, but then my grandmother asks my mother that ‘beta you’ve made her wear shalwar kameez, she looks like someone else’s daughter now, not ours. Who is she?’ she was like she looks good in what she wears and how she dresses up.”

Speaking about the hate the duo received after the proposal, the actor said: “Even when we will be married I know they will not leave us alone. Even when we go on a honeymoon they will be like no we will not let you go alone, we will go with you.”

“I don’t mind that. We have chosen to be in the public’s eyes. There will be the criticism, then there will be the good words, the compliments we get from the audience and the public. They love you so much.”

Asked whether she is afraid of getting married too young, the actor said: “I was worried, I will be honest but then I was like why not? It is going to happen one day then why not right now.”

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