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iPhone 8 expected price in different countries around the world


United States

There is obviously no doubt whatsoever that the key market for Apple is the United States, and so the iPhone 8 price in the US is of critical importance. It is the recommended retail price in the United States that essentially drives the worldwide market, and thus it will be intriguing to see how the smartphone is floated in North America.

Firstly, UBS analyst Steven Milunovich believes that the 64GB model of the iPhone 8 could cost $850, and the premium 256GB version will be the first iPhone to cost four figures at $1,000. This $1,000 figure has since been widely quoted by industry analysts, with many suggesting that the most expensive version of the iPhone 8 will cost approximately $1,099.

This figure had been quoted with such regularity it seemed rather set in stone. But reports have emerged recently which suggest that major carriers such as Verizon and T-Mobile could offer discounts, meaning that the price of the iPhone 8 will be significantly less than $1,000 for consumers. This opinion certainly makes sense, and it would be a good retail strategy for Apple, quite obviously.

However, the writer and blogger John Gruber has suggested that the price for the iPhone 8 could be around $1,200, even for entry-level units. Supply and demand issues will drive this pricing structure, as Gruber explained.

“It sounds to me like the OLED iPhone is a phone which Apple can’t make 40 million of per quarter, at least not today. And if that’s true, that means it should be more expensive. Not should in any moral sense, but simply because that’s how the principle of supply and demand works. When supply is constrained and demand is high, prices go higher. The higher prices alleviate demand,” Gruber commented on his podcast.

So what we can conclude about the iPhone 8 price in the United States is that it will be in excess of $1,000, and possibly quite significantly in excess of this figure.

United Kingdom

As British consumers will be only too aware, the price of consumer electronics in the UK is often significantly more expensive than the United States. Indeed, despite the fact that the dollar has been less valuable than sterling for a considerable period of time, the prices in the US dollar market for consumer electronics items often translate directly to Sterling equivalents.

This would mean that the iPhone 8 price in the UK could be as much as £1,200, and at least £1,000. However, this would seem to be a little too hefty even for a company with the brand and market penetration of Apple. So perhaps a more realistic price point for the British market could be £950.


The Canadian dollar has been somewhat weaker than the United States currency for some time, meaning that the exchange rate is currently in favour of the world’s reserve currency. An iPhone 8 price in the United States of $1,000 would currently translate to a Canadian price tag of around $1,270.

However, in common with the United Kingdom, we can expect to see a small markup on the price tag in Canada, meaning that the iPhone 8 could retail at around $1,300 in this North American nation.


The iPhone 8 price in Australia is difficult to predict. Australia is certainly western in nature, but the distance between the country and Apple’s primary marketplaces mean that the RRP of the smartphone could diverge significantly. The current exchange rate for $1,000 translates to 1283 Australian dollars, but we could easily see this figure exceeded when the iPhone 8 launches. Perhaps a more reasonable estimate for this territory would be around AU$1400.


Finally, the world’s most populous nation, and now its largest economy, is undoubtedly a critical region for any consumer product. Apple has based its growth in recent years on significant market penetration into China, and will thus value the East Asian nation extremely highly in the iPhone 8 generation.

With numerous iPhone 8 mock-ups already available in China, we can expect an affordable price point for the Chinese marketplace. Therefore, the iPhone 8 price in China may be around 6750 Yuan.

Regardless of the unit price, the fact that the tenth generation iPhone 8 is expected to deliver a wide variety of new features in order to acknowledge this landmark should be enough to guarantee excellent sales worldwide.


The price of the iPhone 8 in Pakistan is dependent on a significantly more volatile market than the United States or other western countries. Currently, $1,000 translates to 105,220 Pakistani Rupee. So we can reasonably expect the iPhone 8 to retail in this ballpark in Pakistan.


Of all Asian subcontinental nations, India is undoubtedly the most important and advanced economically. Considering the vast one-billion population in the country, the iPhone 8 price in India is of particular importance to Apple. $1,000 in the United States currently translates to 64,309.20 Indian Rupee, but again the volatility of the Indian market it may mean that the price is significantly higher than this.

Some sources have suggested that the iPhone 8 Price in India will instead be around rs.70,000.


The enthusiasm that the Japanese have for all forms of electronics and technology means that the country is a key smartphone marketplace. Currently, $1,000 translates to 112,400.00 Japanese Yen in Japan, indicating another massive exchange rate. However, Japanese consumers are accustomed to obtaining excellent deals for consumer electronics paraphernalia, and thus we can reasonably expect the iPhone 8 to retail at around this 112,000 Yen figure in Japan.

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