Saturday, 27 November 2021

Indian restaurant owner Syed Miah must repay £300,000

LONDON: The owners of an Indian restaurant in York made £300,000 through his cocaine, cannabis and Ecstasy sales, York Crown Court heard. Syed Juhel Miah may have to sell the building in Tanner Row where he ran his restaurant, The Mogul, and his home in Tennant Road, Acomb, as the prosecution authorities make him hand over his criminal gains. At an assets confiscation hearing, Reginald Bosomworth, prosecuting, said Miah and his legal team agreed that he had assets worth £416,084 including the two properties. He had benefited by £300,000 from the drug dealing that has put him behind bars for eight and a half years. Judge Andrew Stubbs QC ordered him to hand over £300,000 within three months. If he fails to do so, Miah will have to serve an extra four years and still have to pay up when he is released. It is up to Miah how he raises the money.

Last year, a jury at York Crown Court convicted the drug dealer, now 49, of seven charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply them to others. They heard that he was caught red-handed with drugs by the police on two different occasions 12 months apart. Together the drugs were worth together more than £18,000. Miah also had hundreds of pounds of cash on him. Sentencing him to eight and a half years, Judge Rodney Jameson said he had run a “substantial cannabis supply operation …..(with) a significant line in Class A drugs”. He had also used an older man with a low IQ as a “modern-day slave”. “You exploited him to do your dirty work for you and then disgracefully in the trial tried to pin the blame for what you had done on him,” the judge said.

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