Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Indian Defence Minister accused Pakistan, China creating border dispute with India ‘under a mission’

Photograph: Thomas Peter/Reuters

NEW DELHI: Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh accused Pakistan and China of raising tensions at its northern and eastern borders “under a mission”.

The minister made this statement while he was virtually inaugurating a raft of Border Roads Organisation (BRO) projects. “You are well aware of the conditions created on our northern and eastern borders. First, it was Pakistan, and now also by China, as if a border dispute is being created under a mission,” he said.

Singh said that India shared a border of 7,000 kilometers with both countries where tension prevails “on a daily basis”. His comments come as India’s efforts to make headway with China in its border dispute failed after almost five months since a deadly clash between PLA and Indian troops left several Indian Army soldiers killed.

Lieutenant General BS Jaswal (retired), a former Northern Army commander, said that given the tense relations between India and Pakistan as well as India and China, “a collusive threat to India cannot be ruled out.”

His statement comes a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan blamed India for stoking sectarian tensions in the country with the assassination of Maulana Adil Khan in Karachi on Saturday night.

Tensions have risen to a new high between the two countries since the last year when India, on August 5, 2019, revoked occupied Kashmir’s special status and attempted to annex the territory.

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