Thursday, 2 December 2021

Indian Army Colonel arrested for raping daughter of junior officer


SHIMLA: An army colonel was arrested on Wednesday over the alleged gang-rape of the daughter of a lieutenant colonel posted at the Army Training Command – one of the seven commands of the Army which aims to improve effectiveness of training of the defence forces in India.

The 21-year-old was allegedly gang-raped at the colonel’s official residence here on Monday. The FIR was registered a day later. A friend of the officer, present in the residence where the crime took place, has also been accused in the case, but is yet to be arrested.

Shimla SP Soumya Sambasivan confirmed an FIR was registered on the complaint of the survivor after conducting preliminary investigations. The two men have been booked for gang rape after recording the survivor’s statement and completing medical examination.

The survivor said that before the assault took place, the accused had on November 19 invited her along with her father to attend an event at Shimla’s Gaiety Theatre.


In her complaint, the survivor said that before the gangrape took place, the accused had on November 19 invited her along with her father to attend a programme at Shimla’s Gaiety Theatre. The accused then took them out for dinner and suggested that the survivor live with his daughter in Mumbai to find her way into the modelling profession.

The next day, the accused called up the survivor and told her to send him her photos so that he could forward them to his daughter in Mumbai.

Once she WhatsApped the photos to him, he asked her to come to his place to meet professionals from the modelling industry. However, when she went to his place, the colonel forced her into a room, made her drink liquor and raped her.

The colonel’s friend allegedly helped the officer in committing the crime. The survivor alleged that the officer threatened to ruin her father’s career if she spoke about the crime to anyone.

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