Friday, 3 December 2021

India behind high-profile terrorist attacks in Pakistan

Photo: USIP

NEW DELHI/ISLAMABAD: National Security Advisor to Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mooed Yusuf revealed that India was involved in at least four high-profile terrorist attacks in Pakistan, saying that Islamabad had “proof to the T” of New Delhi’s involvement.

In an interview to veteran Indian journalist Karan Thapar for The WireYusuf said that Pakistan has proof of India’s ties to terrorism.

Holding India responsible for terrorist attacks in Pakistan, Yusuf said that New Delhi had used a consulate “in a neighbouring country” to launch attacks on a five-star hotel in Gwadar, the Chinese consulate in Karachi and the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

He further said that India recently spent $1 million to merge the Tehreek-e-Taliban-Pakistan (TTP) and four other terrorist organisations in Afghanistan under the supervision of RAW officials.

Yusuf said that Aslam alias Achu, a militant involved in the attack on the Chinese consulate, had undergone treatment at a hospital in New Delhi, which was proof of India’s involvement in the matter.

He told Thapar that the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan was using think-tanks as a front to funnel money to terrorists in Balochistan.

The national security adviser also said that Pakistan had evidence that the mastermind of the APS massacre was in contact with an Indian consulate and that he had the phone number of the handler as well.

“We have evidence to the T,” he was quoted as saying by The Wire. 

During the interview, the national security adviser said that Pakistan had “received a message for a desire for conversation.”

He refused to divulge more details regarding the matter but said that Kashmiris must be a third party in any dialogue between India and Pakistan concerning the issue.

“There is Pakistan and then there is India. Now, if the Kashmiris can’t stand the sight of India, how are we gonna have a dialogue?” said Yusuf. When Thapar told him not to “put words into the mouths of Kashmiris, Yusuf shot back: “Is Farooq Abdullah not a Kashmiri? Is Farooq Abdullah a pro-India politician?”

Yusuf also said that Pakistanis willing to discuss terrorism but stressed on diplomacy between the two sides.

“We must sit down like adults,” he was quoted as saying.

He said that Pakistan stands for peace and the country wants to move forward. The national security adviser told the Indian journalist that PM Imran Khan had said since day one that he wished for peace with India but New Delhi had been “running away”.

Yusuf pointed out how India has been at odds with its neighbours over the past one year, from China to Bangladesh. “Even Nepal has been standing up to you,” he said. “The Bangladesh prime minister is speaking to our prime minister and is saying things I do not wish to repeat here.”

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