Sunday, 5 December 2021

Improve your English pronunciation with Google’s new ‘how to pronounce’ feature

LONDON: Ever wonder why your British friends only speak half the word or Americans emphasise the ‘r’ so much? Well, Google has made it easier for you to learn how to pronounce words slowly and in different accents.

Up till now, Google had a small speaker icon that lets you hear how the word is pronounced whenever you search for a meaning. But now there is an exciting new update to this feature.

There is a new ‘Learn to pronounce’ box that pops up below the word, which, when tapped, opens a search for ‘how to pronounce…’. With this update one can bypass the meaning and get directly to the pronunciation.

One can even slow down the pronunciation using the toggles provided and listen to the pronunciation in different accents.

This feature doesn’t appear to be live for everyone just yet. That leads us to think it may be new, or rolling out slowly to users, or maybe even live for some countries/languages but not all.

Either way, give it a go and try to find more ways British and American pronunciations can be different.

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