Thursday, 2 December 2021

Ileana D’Cruz slams fan for misbehaving with her


MUMBAI: Chandigarh stalking case isn’t the only reminder of India being unsafe for girls, actress Ileana D’Cruz was also subjected to eve teasing on Sunday eve. On her way to Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, the actress was hounded by a group of six men in a car parked next to hers at a traffic signal. Desperate to catch her attention, they started misbehaving with her. Ileana’s tweets commented on the horrifying experience as she even wrote, ” It’s a pretty shitty world we live in.”

In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, the 29 year old actress informed that she was was stuck at traffic light for around five minutes, when group of men recognised her and started misbehaving. “They started banging against the window, pressing themselves against the car, one of them lying down on the top of the bonnet and laughing,” said Ileana who is shocked to the extent of their bad behaviour.”They followed my car after the signal turned green.

It was like a power trip for them.” Ileana even pointed out that she could have taken their pictures and shamed them publicly but that this would have only encouraged the six lunatics to misbehave more. She even kept her chauffeur away from the unsafe situation. Baadshaho actress said, ” They could have beaten him up and I wouldn’t have been able to stop them. So the only thing my chauffeur could do was honk while I ignored their antics.”

Ileana admitted that when she was 16 years old, she had gone to the cops and put an eve teaser behind bars for a while. But this time she was alone in the car and said ” I don’t even know who they are. May be I’ll handle the situation differently if, God forbid, it happens again. but this time, I played safe.” Unlike most celebrities, Ileana D’Cruz has been functioning without personal security so far but said, “If this becomes frequent, I might consider hiring a bodyguard”

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