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I will never get married, I want to spend my life alone, Akshay Khanna

Akshay Khanna

MUMBAI: The fans of Akshay Khanna were desperately wanted him to see on big screens, he is finally back with a Sridevi starrer flick MOM.

As his film career is filled with all sorts of films, he has gotten charming looks, of-course he is famous and belongs to a reputed family. And, everyone knows that he is the son of late veteran actor, Vinnod Khanna. Then, most of time he has spotted alone ? Why isn’t he married yet ? And what does he think about relationship ? His fans may want answers to such questions.

Recently he has revealed all. The Taal actor was seen promoting his next flick, MOM. The actor, previously had confessed being caught in commitment-phobic environment and was asked that this fear has left, he replied, “It is still there. And so I will never get married. I want to live my life alone. I can be in a relationship for sometime but I know I can’t see it lasting for a lifetime.”

Akshay surely has a peculiar view about marriage/relation which is not digestible to all. However, he talked about his views and gave pretty sorted justification as he said,“See I find it very unnatural to stay in a relationship for that long. I know most of the world finds it more natural but I don’t. I feel I should be allowed to move from one relationship to another whenever I want to.”

Although parting ways is always hurtful and damaging but Akhshay has entirely a diverse view on that too. As, he further said,“I believe two people should be in a relationship till the time they both are happy about it but once it comes to a point that either of them is not happy then they should’ve the option to leave. And that leaving should not be the process it has become today i.e divorce. Parting should be as beautiful as being together.”

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