Thursday, 2 December 2021

I suffered racial abuse during election campaign, says Sajid Javid

sajid javid

LONDON: Sajid Javid, MP has said he was racially abused during the General Election campaign.

Mr Javid, MP for Bromsgrove, became the latest MP to speak out about abuse on the campaign trail as MPs prepare to debate the issue in Parliament.

During Communities and Local Government questions, Mr Javid was asked about a previous parliamentary report on the matter, and whether it would be considered by a new inquiry announced by Theresa May last week.

The communities secretary said: “With regard to the inquiry that’s been announced by the Prime Minister that will be led by the Committee on Public Life, it should take account of all information.

“We’ve seen with the debate that took place in this House how many members and candidates suffered from racism and other forms of abuse.

“I myself suffered from that during the General Election as well, and I’m sure that we all agree in this House that racism has no place in our society.”

A number of MPs told personal accounts of abuse they had suffered during a Westminster Hall debate last week.

The issue was debated again in the main Commons chamber on Monday.

SNP MP Joanna Cherry (Edinburgh South West), speaking during a later debate, told the Commons: “At the weekend, as I was trying to enjoy some quiet time with my family, a member of the public went to the considerable extent of getting my private number to phone me up to tell me she disliked me so much and what I stood for that she wasn’t surprised I got death threats.

“So that was a very charming start to the weekend with my family.”

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