BOLLYWOOD Actress Amyra Dastur has learnt from her mistakes, and says she likes to discuss projects with her parents before giving a go ahead.

“I learnt from my mistakes. You see the kind of films that do well, you see the films that don’t do well and then you kind of get a sense of it. I don’t think anybody has mastered the successful box office movie. Because the audience preferences are also changing consistently,” Amyra said.

“I just started picking films based on what I would watch as an audience and what my family would also watch,” she added.

Amyra forayed in Bollywood in 2013 with Issaq, went on to do Tamil film Anegan, Hindi film Mr. X, Sino-Indian co-production Kung Fu Yoga. She is currently seen in The Trip 2, which premiered on all bindass platforms including YouTube on October 5.

“I started talking to my mom and dad a lot more and I think that’s what really helped me. I would come from a narration and tell my parents about the project and ask ‘what do you all think’.

“My father is pretty honest. He will be like I would not like to watch it or watch it. From that time I started picking movies (like that) and I am happy about that.”

The actress feels she is “doing the films which I want to do”.

“My entire thing is about content. I want to do films that have good content and I feel will strike a chord with the audience,” she added.