Sunday, 23 January 2022

Humaima Malick stuns as Diva in Arth The Destination


LONDON: The first teaser of Arth the Destination unveils Humaima’s character in the film. It shows Humaima strutting down the streets of London in a never seen before look. Glamorous and depicting the life of a stardom, Humaima takes on this role and makes it her own.  She’s seen breaking away from the type of roles she’s taken up before.


This particular role defines her character as a diva, contrary to the more serious unglamorous roles in the actress’s past, this character shows Humaima in full celebrity stardom.

Humaima shows versatality as a performer through this role by treading into unknown waters and taking up a role that’s both, bold and difficult to play. Her character shows the trajectory of a star’s life. Humaima makes it look effortless and natural, raising hopes for the film and her performance.


The teaser promises a strong performance by the actress, Humaima is both a vision and a strong performer with lots promised in the movie. Arth is set to raise the bar with each character promo showing   what a visual treat the film is going to be.

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