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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Healthy body and a healthy mind make’s a person more productive.

When your health is better, you feel better.

So it’s important to take care of your health and for that you don’t need to go to GYM regularly, just few simple changes in your routine will get you long way.

It’s hard to leave old habits and adapt new and healthy ones but it’s not impossible!

Here are few steps by which you can manage your healthy lifestyle.

  • Stay hydrated:

Drink water as much as you can. As human body is 70% of water. Water keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxics from your body. It also control body’s temperature and helps you in controlling weight. Its recommended to drink 8 glasses or 64 ounces of water per day.


  • Replace junk food with fresh fruits and vegetables:

Having vegetables, specially the green ones in food is very beneficial for one’s health. On other hand, fruits contain plentiful amounts of nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants that help boost your immune system and fight off disease causing toxins.


  • Don’t neglect your mental health:

Healthy lifestyle does not only mean’s a healthy body but a healthy mind too. Mental health is the foundation of overall health. Keep a track of how you feel and how you behave. If you don’t feel good, consult a psychologist or talk to a professional about how to improve your mental health.


  • De-stress:

Stress from school or work can be nerve-breaking. It’s important to stop and take a deep breath. Adapt activities that make you relax like meditation, listening to your favorite music, reading or anything that makes you calm and happy.


  • Exercise:

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercising is also important. Physical activity helps improve longevity and overall health. 30 minutes walk a day is necessary.

You can choose a convenient time to do exercise.

Some fun physical activities include:

  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Dancing
  • running

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