Sunday, 26 September 2021

Horrific domestic violence: UK woman repeatedly thrown down stairs


BIRMINGHAM: A crippled victim of horrific domestic violence abuse has shared footage of her agonising assault in bid to curb violence against women. CCTV taken on December 20 last year showed 37-year-old man charging through the hallway of an apartment complex in Birmingham, England before dragging his girlfriend by her hair and throwing her down a staircase. The camera shook as the young woman’s limp body crashed to ground before she attempted to stand up. The man could be seen running down the stairs and continuing his relentless assault – at one point punching the woman in her face. After 10 minutes the 37-year-old – who had just been released from prison weeks earlier for battering the same woman – went back up the stairs and into the apartment. The injured woman could barely stand as she proceeded to follow him up the stairs while crawling on her hands and knees. As she reached the top and rested her head on the floor the 37-year-old stormed back into the hallway and hurled her back down the stairs.

When officers arrived at building they found the woman covering a blood and moaning in pain. She was taken to hospital and treated for fractures to her vertebrae, pelvis and eye socket. The boyfriend who had blood stains on his clothing became aggravated when he came downstairs and was confronted by the officers. He attempted to push past them but was apprehended. The victim – who now need crutches to walk – wept when she saw the footage in court saying she is only a “shadow” of herself. The judge who sentenced the man to 10 and half years behind bars, didn’t hold back during his closing statements. “She could barely stand up and tried to crawl back up the stairs and you threw her again like a rag doll,” he said. “The catalogue of injuries she sustained are horrendous. You tried to permanently damage her physically and mentally.”

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