Sunday, 5 December 2021

Hong Kong protesters march again


Thousands of protesters marched to a railway station in Hong Kong that links the territory to China on Sunday, the latest in a series of rallies over a planned extradition bill that have rocked the former British colony.

It was the first major protest in the territory since young, masked protesters stormed parliament on Monday.

The bill has since been postponed in response to the intense backlash but that has done little to quell public anger, which has evolved into a wider movement calling for democratic reforms and a halt to sliding freedoms in the semi-autonomous city.

On Sunday, thousands snaked their way through streets in the harbourfront district of Tsim Sha Tsui, an area popular with Chinese tourists.

Organisers have billed the march as an opportunity to explain to mainlanders in the city what their protest movement is about.

Inside China, where news and information are heavily censored, the Hong Kong protests have been portrayed as a primarily violent, foreign-funded plot to destabilise the motherland, not a mass popular movement over Beijing’s increased shadow over the semi-autonomous hub.

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