Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Homeless man who murdered woman and her son jailed for life


MANCHESTER: The man was welcomed into the family home by Tracey Wilkinson, 50, at her Stourbridge home after she saw him begging outside a Tesco. Tracey even found him a job and an apartment to live in and the man referred to her as the ”mother he never had”.

24-year-old Aaron Barley waited in the garden for nine hours wearing a hood and gloves, as he waited for dad, Peter Wilkinson, to bring the dog for a walk.

He then broke into the house and stabbed Tracey and her son, Pierce, 13, to death. He launched an attack on Peter too, stabbing him six times in the head. Covered in blood, Peter managed to call emergency services and survived the attack.

In the CCTV footage above you can see the man breaking into a Land Rover and smashing into a garden wall.


The court heard that Barley was bragging about the murders and said that he was ”glad” they were dead. It was suspected that he murdered the two victims because of a mobile phone contract that had been cancelled.

Detective Superintendent Tom Chisholm, said that Barley was ”generally cooperative”, however, they never got an actual reason as to why he murdered the family members.

He described the incident as ”random” and added: ”There is usually a build-up or a motive or a grudge of something, but this one is just very random.”

He also refused to allow for a blood test, which would have determined whether the man was on drugs at the time.

Daughter, Lydia, was away at Bristol University at the time and feared that she would lose her father, as well as her mother and her brother.

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