Sunday, 24 October 2021

Google Hit With Gender Pay Discrimination Lawsuit


SAN FRANCISCO: Google, which is already under federal investigation over claims of unfair pay practices, has been sued by three former employees who allege that the company pays women less than men for similar work.

The lawsuit, which was filed Thursday in California Superior Court in San Francisco by Kelly Ellis, Holly Pease and Kelli Wisuri, is seeking class action status to cover women who have worked at Google over the past four years.

“Google has discriminated and continues to discriminate against its female employees by systemically paying them lower compensation than Google pays male employees performing substantially similar work, under similar working conditions,” the complaint reads.

Gina Scigliano, a spokeswoman for Google, said in a statement that the company works “really hard to create a great workplace for everyone, and to give everyone the chance to thrive here.”

“In relation to this particular lawsuit, we’ll review it in detail, but we disagree with the central allegations. Job levels and promotions are determined through rigorous hiring and promotion committees, and must pass multiple levels of review, including checks to make sure there is no gender bias in these decisions,” she said. “And we have extensive systems in place to ensure that we pay fairly.”

Scigliano said that if discrepancies or problems are noticed during a review process, Google’s team strives to fix them to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Google is under investigation by the U.S. Labor Department over claims that it didn’t fairly pay some female employees. The allegations stem from a January lawsuit in which the Labor Department asked Google to hand over compensation data.

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