Saturday, 16 October 2021

Gates Foundation staffer resigned to protest Goalkeeper’s Award to Modi

Twitter/Narendra Modi

NEW YORK: Sabah Hamid, a staffer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation resigned after the foundation remained adamant to award PM Narendra Modi amid Kashmir siege.

Hamid asserted that she resigned to record her protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ongoing brutalities in Indian Occupied Kashmir. The staffer disapproved of Gates Foundation’s decision to award Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In her interview to the TRT World, she asserted that she was disillusioned with the decision to award PM Modi despite allegations on him of imposing a communication blackout, denying basic rights to the millions of people in Kashmir and a lockdown for more than 50 days, which has crippled the normal life.

Her resignation came just hours before Gates Foundation delivered the award to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 24th. Sabah Hamid, a communication specialist at the Foundation asserted that she protested the decision against her bosses but to no avail.

“Since the foundation seemed set on its course of action to go ahead with the award – which as a private foundation it is entitled to – I could do just one thing: leave,” Hamid told. “In my opinion, any organization that works to improve the lives of the vulnerable, and to reduce inequality in the world, should not honor a person whose decisions inflict irreversible harm on the vulnerable and whose reign has increased inequality in an already unequal country manifold,” added Hamid.

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