Saturday, 4 December 2021

Four killed, 155 missing after quake rocks Taiwan tourist area

Taiwan earthquake 1

TAIPEI: The Latest on a deadly magnitude-6.4 earthquake that struck Tuesday near the coast of Taiwan, causing the collapse of several buildings.

Rescuers are working to free at least five people trapped in damaged buildings and to reach another 170 unaccounted for after an earthquake near Taiwan’s eastern coast.

The National Fire Agency says five people are confirmed trapped as of Wednesday morning. While most of the unaccounted for were likely to be in one residential building, the agency did not have an estimate of how many were in the building at the time.

Four people have lost their lives 219 people were injured, two dozen of them critically, 155 missing after quake in Hualien county. The force of the tremor late Tuesday buckled roads and disrupted electricity and water supplies to thousands of households.

Officials say a magnitude-6.4 earthquake that struck near the coast of Taiwan has killed two hotel employees and injured more than 200 other people.

The Central News Agency reported that the ground floor of the Marshal Hotel, a building in Hualien district, had caved in and people were believed to be trapped inside.

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