Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Filmmaker Jami shares harrowing rape ordeal on Twitter thread

LOLLYWOOD: Pakistani Filmmaker Jami came out as a rape victim on the social networking platform Twitter.

Voicing his support for #MeToo amid claims that the campaign is being misused, in a series of tweets Jami shared his horrific experience that occurred 13 years ago.

“Why I am so strongly supporting #MeToo?” Jami said. “Because, I know exactly how it happens now – inside a room, then outside courts and inside courts.”

Jami recalled the painful memories and the difficult times he went through after the alleged incident. “I froze not sure why yesss it really happens and happened to me. Till this day 13 years ve passed i curse myself why i didnt take his eyes out but i was so close to this guy a friend,” Jami wrote.

Although the perpetrator was not named, Jami shared that he was a high-profile celebrity in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately for Jami, even his friends were unwilling to take his stand: “I told my few close friends but no one took it seriously,” he shared.

In light of a recent case of a college lecturer committing suicide after a harassment case was registered against him, Jami stood behind the #MeToo movement, saying one victim could not discredit the experiences of hundreds of those who gained the strength to come out with their stories of abuse after the campaign.

“im coming here today after 13 or so years to say 99.99% survivors r telling the truth always. No doubt ever!” he wrote.

Jami said he was well aware that his own legitimacy was likely to be scrutinized after his revelations, but he felt that the cause of the #MeToo movement was much more important than his personal reputation.

In March, the filmmaker behind Na Maloom Afraad, Sohail Javed filed a defamation suit against Jami for suggesting that Javed was a “sexual predator”.

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