Thursday, 30 June 2022

Faryal says Amir’s family called her ‘Michael Jackson’

LONDON: Faryal Makhdoom on Thursday alleged that her husband boxer Amir Khan’s family made plastic surgery jokes aimed at her and once even likened her to Michael Jackson. Faryal in a TV interview to ‘This Morning’ revealed this information, adding more to the already heated-up family feud.  Her comments came shortly after Amir Khan threatened to cut her and his family off if they continued with the ‘silly’ row. In her interview Faryal said that she married very young and went into a big family. She also said that she likes to keep her personal matters private but she went through a lot of abuse, claiming it started even before her marriage to the boxer. “Over the years Amir’s brother and sister went on Twitter rants, went on Instagram rants talking about me saying I don’t get along with them, saying I’m very fake, saying I’ve done plastic surgery, calling me Michael Jackson,” she was quoted as saying. This was not very good as she was pregnant at that time, Faryal added. She also termed the entire behaviour from her in-laws ‘a mess’. Amir puts his foot down: On Wednesday, Amir Khan in social media statements threw his weight behind his wife in her public spat with his family, but threatened to cut both her and his family out of life if the ‘silly’ squabble continues.

Expressing his frustration over the role played by his family, he said that “My siblings were posting on social media over and over again. I have asked my father to have them remove it and no one listened to me. “I was patient and kept quiet but FARYAL said she couldn’t take it anymore and had to speak up. So she did.” However, Khan fell short of supporting his wife on this issue unconditionally, as he maintained that though he supported his wife when it came to ‘family bothering her or upsetting her’, “But I did not support siblings or my wife to be this childish all over the media,crying and bashing one another.” “It’s really getting out of control and needs an end,” the statement said. Matters took a turn for the worse when Amir Khan’s parents also gave a TV interview and claimed that their daughter-in-law’s dress code was unacceptable according to Islam, but rejected accusations of bullying and domestic abuse by the catwalk model. Amir’s mother Falak said she once asked Faryal not to wear such clothes but she did not listen. Khan’s parents rubbished her allegations, claiming they never so much as laid a hand on her and treated Faryal like their own daughter.

“Faryal was adopting a dress code which in the Islamic faith was not acceptable. I am a father to two daughters whom I have treated exactly the same way as I have treated Faryal,” said Sajjad Khan, at his home in Bolton. The entire family saga surfaced earlier this month, when Faryal on her Snapchat made emotional comments and said she had enough and now she would speak up. “Don’t get your sons married if you’re going to abuse and bully the wife. I’ve always been so quiet but seriously, this message is for everyone! When you bring someone’s daughter – treat her as your own. Your son will be much happier and so will you,” she had written in a post. Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom had said that she was bullied by her in-laws for three years. In an interview to British newspaper Sun, Faryal Makhdoom, 25, alleged that her in-laws cropped her out of family photos, hurled a remote control at her and even slapped her.

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