Sunday, 26 September 2021

Faryal gives final ultimatum to Amir, fearing more video leaks

LONDON: Boxer Amir Khan’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom, has given him a final ultimatum to choose between her and his family, fearing that another inappropriate video of her husband might leak and cause further strain on their marriage. Earlier this month, a sex tape of the boxer was leaked on a porn website. Following the leak, a source close to the family told, Faryal was “controlling and bossy” and was tracking his every move. If media reports are to be believed, Amir Khan’s inappropriate video leak has made Faryal paranoid. The boxer’s wife has now become more controlling and goes with him everywhere to keep a tab on his activities. Says a source close to the family:-

“She’s paranoid about another sex tape being leaked. She’s controlling and bossy and now wants to be with her husband all the time,” said a source close to the couple. The source added, “She wants to be with Amir at every moment and in everything he does to keep tabs on him and ensure he remains on track.” According to the report, Faryal’s parents questioned the boxer over the prospect of more sex tapes being released and he failed to give a reassurance. He couldn’t “promise anything with certainty” as he had lived a colourful life as a global sports star and may have been “filmed here and there”, the report added. The source said, “It caused a huge problem when it was leaked last week and although Faryal was aware of it, they still had a big row and they’ve been arguing endlessly about the family rift and Haroon.”

Faryal reportedly banned the boxer from attending his younger brother Haroon’s wedding in the UK because she is unable to forgive him for comparing her to Michael Jackson. However, Faryal earlier, took to Snapchat claiming that she along with her husband and daughter were not invited to his. “Everyone’s been asking why I didn’t attend Amir’s brother’s wedding. I kept quiet. But the truth is Amir’s wife and child were not invited. Or even included in the celebrations. They could have at least tried.” said Faryal in the snap. Amir has been in the public eye as Faryal has gone public with their family feud. In December last year, the mother of one claimed that she was bullied in the Khan household for many years. She claimed that she was called names by her brother-in-law for getting plastic surgery done, who often compared her to Micheal Jackson. According to a source, Faryal had forbidden Amir from attending his brother Haroon’s wedding at Macron Stadium since she was still angry at his ‘Michael Jackson’ jibe and also due to the family rift.

‘Amir told Faryal that would cause an outcry if they didn’t go. She said if he went it would be alone which would show he had disowned her in favour of pleasing Haroon. She can’t forget about those remarks, they really hurt her,’ said a source. ‘She’s feisty and warned him that if he disobeyed her she’ll say and do things which will cause an earthquake. She insists she and their daughter and her parents are the only family that matters.’ Another family source claimed that Faryal had a firm grip on Amir’s life at the moment. She had access to all his social media accounts and also had the password to his smartphones. The source claimed that Amir’s family were careful in what they messaged to their son, knowing that Faryal read every bit of it.

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