Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Families hide in toilets after Cheetah escapes its enclosure


LONDON: Visitors to a wildlife park in Kent were forced to hide in toilets after a cheetah escaped its enclosure and went on the prowl. The big cat became separated from its mother and managed to break out of its cage at the Port Lympne wildlife park in Hythe. As a result, families were ushered indoors while keepers attempted to coax the speedy animal back into its enclosure with food. Guests who were locked inside toilets during the recapture tweeted pictures of their predicament. Alice Snape wrote on Twitter: “Locked in the loos as a cheetah on the loose OMG @portlympnepark #cheetahontheloose.” Mum Maggie Jones who was visiting with husband Gary, 11-year-old daughter Danielle and son Harry, 13, says: “Everyone was looking round nervously in case it was about to jump out on us. “Apparently it got out of its enclosure and was on the loose where they take safari buses full of people.” The cheetah was successfully recovered and Port Lympne animal director Adrian Harland said that the animal posed “no real threat” to guests. He added: “He only climbed out to get back with his mother after having been separated to stop him eating all her dinner. “The cheetah was calm and pacing the enclosure fence looking to get back in. “Some food was thrown into the enclosure and the cheetah walked back in to get it. No vet intervention was needed. “The full escape procedure was run because the safari lorries travel past the enclosure. Enclosure fencing has now been secured to stop any more animals escaping.

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