Sunday, 26 September 2021

Everything you need to know about the Qandeel Baloch music video we never asked for

In case you missed it, Qandeel Baloch and young singer Aryan Khan dropped a music video a few days ago. and it’s everything you might’ve hoped it wouldn’t be.

Featuring twerking (well, almost), a slashed bodysuit and lots of lace, the music video was classic Qandeel: very OTT.

Asked about it earlier, Qandeel said, “Something very big is coming, jo Pakistan ki history me aisa bold video aaj tak nahi hoga (which will be so bold that it will make music video history in Pakistan.”

qandeel bWatching the video might leave you with some lingering questions, like Where did Qandeel and Aryan get those outfits? and Is there a significant social message in here I’m missing?

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out all you need to know.

1) The guys who made this video were also behind Mathira’s infamous music vid.

Jibran Khan, head honcho of the production house, reveals, “Beyond Studios is worldwide famous production house for music videos. Our videos has received millions of YouTube views till date and we have worked with mainstream artists like Raftaar, Zohaib Amjad, Mathira, Dr Zeus, just to name few.”

2) How was Qandeel Baloch selected to star in this video?

According to the guys at Beyond Studios, “You can listen in the chorus, it says ‘Tere thumkay tey lag jana ban’. There’s only one name in Pakistan ‘Qandeel Baloch’ whose thumkas can go viral.”

So we guess, that was that.

3) Qandeel’s dancing is all spontaneous, it appears.

When asked about the video’s execution, Beyond Studios revealed that they winged it. “It is performance based video so there was no requirement for a storyboard.”

4) Qandeel does her own styling, it seems.

“Wardrobe was done by ourselves as the theme of the video was to keep it casual,” shares her co-star Aryan Khan.

5) Who paid for the video?

It wasn’t Qandeel.

According to Beyond Studios’, “The artist himself invest in his songs.”

Looks like young Aryan Khan picked up the bill for Qandeel’s latest publicity stunt.

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