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Emily hides dark sense of humour

Jacquie Aiche

HOLLYWOOD-HMM: Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t like to reveal her ‘’dark’’ sense of humour.

The 27-year-old model likes to be open with her fans on social media, but she admitted there are some things she choose to keep private and she isn’t sure some of her jokes would hit the right note with others.

Speaking in Vogue Australia’s January 2019 issue, she said: ‘’I don’t share it with the public. I think we’re in a very strange place when it comes to dark humour and what we can see and what we can’t say.’’

And while Emily does make sure to share parts of her life with her Instagram followers, she explained because it is a ‘’visual platform’’ she isn’t showing her true self. Asked if she sees a different person on social media, she laughed: ‘’Totally. Sometimes, I’m like: ‘Who is this person?’ It’s sort of one big self-portrait.

Jacquie Aiche

‘’One thing I definitely wish is that there was a better way to show on such a curated platform as Instagram all the sides of me, but it’s just too hard. There are a lot of sides, and Instagram is just a visual platform.’’

Meanwhile, the star recently opened up about dealing with trolls online and the negative comments she sometimes gets for some of her more eye catching posts.

Emily has grown accustomed to nasty remarks as her career has developed, and she has been able to ‘’separate’’ her online and real life personas.

She previously said: ‘’I’ve learnt to separate social media comments and trolls from real life. And I don’t let the validating, flattering comments impress on me too much, which makes it easier to [ignore] the negative ones as well.’’

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