Sunday, 18 April 2021

Electric car body is made from flax and sugar beet

Electric car

LONDON: The bio-based composite is claimed to have similar strength/weight to glass fibre, although it is based on flax fibre-reinforced sheets with a honeycomb core (see photo) made from (sugar beet-based in this case) PLA bio-plastic – the same plastic using in this phone from NEC over a decade ago (which used PLA and kenaf plant fibres) and a common 3d printing feed-stock.

The flax is locally grown in Zeeland, and can be seen behind the car in the photo above.

The drive-train has two electric motors delivering 8kW from modular battery packs that can be swapped-out for a quick re-charge.

“These easy to swap battery packs make life a lot easier when it comes to refuelling your car,” said TU/ecomotive. “The city car of the future has no time to stand still at a charger for a couple of hours but has to be on the road again in seconds.”

Top speed is 80 km/h.

Also known as EM-04 – it is the fourth electric car from TU/ecomotive – It took part in the Shell Eco-marathon earlier this year at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, although as a demonstration as it was built for road use (it is road legal) and was therefore heavier (310kg) than other entrants (225kg limit).

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