Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Dispute between wife, parents has ended, says boxer Amir Khan

VIRGINIA: Famous Pakistani-born British boxer Amir Khan has said that the conflict between her wife and parents has come to an end. Talking to media persons during his fund-raising event in Virginia, Amir confirmed the ongoing tussle has finished and now his focus on his upcoming fight in April next year. “Everything is fine in the family. I seek prayers from my parents and everyone else,” said Amir. The event was also attended by Faryal Makhdoom and her parents. Makhdoom took to twitter to allege her in-laws of domestic violence after which her husband demanded his parents and wife to abstain from discussing their issues in public or else they would be losing their son and husband. A couple of days after Khan’s apparent warning, Makhdoom has stated that she had started having issues with her husband’s family before they got married. She was mocked for her cosmetic surgery at her husband’s house, Makhdoom asserted. Earlier, Faryal said that her brother-in-law teased her by calling her Michael Jackson and plastic beauty.

However, Khan’s parents responded to the allegations and said that they refrained the model from wearing clothes that were against Shariah but declined all claims of mental and physical abuse. Faryal also said that the in-laws were behaving with her like the royal family did to Lady Diana. Drawing the analogy between Lady Diana’s strained relations with the royal family and her own life with her in-laws, Faryal Makhdoom once again took to social media, vowing to stand firm with her commitments made to Amir Khan. Meanwhile, the boxer who can beat anyone in the boxing ring seems completely helpless before the family. Neither the family nor Faryal, are listening to him. Responding to father-in-law, 25-year-old Faryal said she had vowed to live her entire life with Amir and couldn’t even think of separating with him. On the other hand, British newspaper claims that the biggest problem with the family was Faryal’s picture uploaded on social media. Sharing her photo in bold outfit, Faryal had asked the fans to comment on her dyed hair.

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