Monday, 29 November 2021

Deepika Singh hits back at trolls on her dancing video amid Cyclone Tauktae

MUMBAI – Popular Indian actress Deepika Singh was recently in news for her viral dance video and pictures shot amid torrid rains caused by Cyclone Tauktae. She even posed with a fallen tree and netizens were irked by her ‘insensitive’ act. The actress has now reacted to the whole controversy and says it was only meant to be a ‘positive post’. 

In an interview with ETimes, Deepika Singh responded on getting massively trolled online. “I haven’t seen any hate comments on my post. 99 percent of the comments I’ve received are positive. Rest 1 percent bad comments are on all the posts, even on my traditional dance posts, I receive negative comments. That tree fell on my car and five years ago, I had planted that tree in front of my house. Four to five days ago, we were discussing how beautifully this tree has grown and on the cyclone day, it fell. We kept the tree aside so that it doesn’t block the road, the car wasn’t damaged much. We had even called the person in charge of that area from the BMC to clear it but due to heavy rains, they said they would come later. The cyclone indeed was very scary and my heart goes out to all those affected and my only aim is to plant as many trees as I can.  I will not stop spreading positivity, and this is for my well-being and happiness. I don’t regret it but, I would definitely request the audience to not step out in the rain, this area is right outside my house. Therefore, I stepped out for 5 minutes.”

“The shed of my house was shaking because of the storm and we were just worried about it for the whole time. I, too, have suffered losses due to Cyclone Tauktae, I live on the ground floor, parts of my house were puddled with rainwater but I did not post videos of it on social media because already there’s enough negativity and disturbance in people’s lives. We were just praying to stay safe and I was scared that my dancing room would shatter. Imagine, what a scare we must have gone through, I also have small kids at home. Due to some reasons, I was disturbed and therefore, I just danced my heart out for a few minutes, and I felt good because it works as a therapy for me. It’s all about the perspective towards the situation and life.”

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