Tuesday, 19 October 2021

‘Dark Phoenix’ trailer out

HOLLYWOOD: The full length trailer of X-Men: Dark Phoenix is out and it is emotional and devastating. In the new trailer we see the X-Men face their most formidable and powerful foe, one of their own, Jean Grey (played by Sophie Turner).

Jean Grey unleashes the full extent of her power in the latest trailer for Dark Phoenix, destroying her own people. When a rescue mission in space goes wrong, Jean is almost killed. But a mysterious force enters her body, and not only makes her infinitely more powerful, but also unstable.

This new trailer sets her up against everyone (X-Men). While struggling with the emerging Phoenix inside her, Jean lashes out and kills Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) while the other X-Men, including Charles (James McAvoy), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Cyclops (Ty Sheridan) and Storm (Alexandra Shipp) watch.

The movie’s trailer has been long due. Fox had released teaser trailer some time last year. It’s possible that the 12th installment of this Fox-owned X-Men universe may be the last.

‘Dark Phoenix’ will hit theatres on June 7.

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