Monday, 25 October 2021

Companies like Google, IBM and Apple do not require your college degree

LONDON: People are told that your degree will be the whole thing for your job, but this is a half truth, there is something more important than your degree.

IT biggies like Google, IBM and Apple really don’t care about your college degree, what they want to see is your skill.

Recently, the job review site Glassdoor compiled a list of 15 different companies that don’t require job applicants to have college degrees.

Maggie Stilwell, Ernst and Young’s managing partner for talent, told the Huffington Post, ‘Academic qualifications will still be taken into account and indeed remain an important consideration when assessing candidates as a whole, but will no longer act as a barrier to getting a foot in the door.’

Companies are more likely to hire someone with appropriate experience and skill based on the job they are applying for. But that doesn’t mean that college degrees are completely useless, academic learning has its own importance.

In 2017, IBM’s Vice President of Talent Joanna Daley told CNBC Make It that about 15 per cent of her company’s U.S. hires don’t have a four-year degree.

Other companies that follow this policy are, Costco, Starbucks, and Chipotle.

Looks like practical is finally trumping theoretical knowledge.

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