Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Comeback against Sri Lanka is like ‘debut’: Fawad Alam

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KARACHI: Cricketer Fawad Alam has said that his comeback to Test cricket during the Sri Lanka Test series is like a second ‘debut’.

Speaking at a press conference in Karachi on Sunday, Alam said he feels as though he is debuting in Test cricket once again since his first match was also against Sri Lanka . “Hopefully, I may perform the same way, I performed on Sri Lanka’s turf when I made my debut in Test cricket.”

Commenting on the 10-year gap in his Test career, Alam said he is still positive. “Ten years is a long time. And it becomes difficult for one to stay motivated. However, if you have your family’s support and surround yourself with positive energy, then you find it within yourself to keep on knocking [on the door].

“Sometimes you feel [frustrated] that your name is not coming up. But I cannot ever imagine leaving cricket. It is my bread and butter and our families depend on it,” he added.

“It’s heartbreaking as you are trying your best to perform and deliver. However, you must keep looking towards the future and force yourself to keep on knocking. The door is bound to open some day. All of my focus is on the upcoming Tests. I will try to deliver my best and use what little I know,” he added.

Alam said it is up to ‘all of us to make the series a success’. He urged cricket lovers and enthusiasts to make the event a success so that a positive side of Pakistan comes across to the world. “This will be beneficial for us all as a nation as well as for Pakistani cricket. Test cricket is returning to Pakistan after such a long time. I urge cricket lovers to come see the matches which will be thoroughly enjoyable.”

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