Friday, 3 December 2021

Clinton supporters on Trump victory: ‘I’m without words’

Hillary Clinton supporters across America have been sharing their deep disappointment after Donald Trump was elected to be the country’s 45th president. “It’s going to take me a long time to get over this. It really will,” said Jayne Braswell in Brandon, Florida. Sitting alongside her, Oneida Holman was equally perturbed. She said: “I could almost believe that Florida went for Trump but the rest of the country? No.” Rick Perlstein, a historian and journalist, said: “I’ve never done an interview through tears before, this is a first. “I am profoundly disappointed and profoundly frightened for the prospects of America, and because I’m frightened for the prospects of America that means I’m frightened for the prospects of the world. “The problem with Trump as president is he made extraordinary promises to his followers that not only he won’t be able to fulfill but are impossible to fulfill.”

Gwen Szafranski said Mr Trump’s election had left military leaders “shaking in their boots”, telling Sky News: “My husband’s ex-military and he said ‘I wouldn’t want to be a soldier with this commander-in-chief’.” Ms Szafranski is also concerned about women’s rights once the tycoon becomes President. “The people that supported him are very definitely going to try to overturn (Supreme Court judgment) Roe versus Wade, and that really impacts women’s health,” she said. “I’m not personally for abortion but I don’t want to take the right away from any other woman that might be in (those) circumstances.” Amid the gloom, however, Ms Holman suspects that Mr Trump is about to undergo a transformation. “I think what people are going to see is the Donald Trump that ran is totally different from the Donald Trump that’s going to be president.”

Earlier, as Mr Trump’s victory became clear, others reacted with horror in nearby Tampa. Hillary Clinton supporter Nancy Reilly said: “I’m sickened. I’m without words. I thought for sure that Hillary would win this election, that Hillary would win Florida. I don’t know what’s happening in this country.” Eleanore Doyle was concerned about Mr Trump’s ability to do the job. She said: “I just think it’s very scary that somebody with that limited amount of experience, and no real political capital will be in charge of one of the greatest economies and armies in the world. I think it’s very very scary.” Meanwhile Democratic Party supporter Christine Sweeney, who recently moved to London from the US, said she was concerned about America’s global reputation.

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