Monday, 29 November 2021

China a Bigger Threat to US Than Russia, Says CIA Boss

MIKE pompeo CIA

The director of the CIA Mike Pompeo has revealed in an interview with the BBC that China is a “big threat” to the USA just as Russia which has been fingered to have influenced the last presidential polls which brought Donald Trump to power.

Pompeo said that China’s efforts to exert covert influence over the West are just as concerning as Russian subversion and also added that the Chinese “have a much bigger footprint” to do this than the Russians do.

“Think about the scale of the two economies,” Mr Pompeo said of Russia and China.

“The Chinese have a much bigger footprint upon which to execute that mission than the Russians do,” he said.

The CIA chief who is a former hard-line Republican congressman also cited efforts by the Chinese to steal US commercial information and infiltration of schools and hospitals – and this extended to Europe and the UK.

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