Saturday, 21 May 2022

Chehlum of Shahada-e-Karbala on Nov 21

Karachi: In connection with the Chehlum of Shuhada-e-Karbala, a procession will be taken out on November 21 from Nishter Park to Hussainian Iranian Imam Bargah Kharadar. It will be mandatory to get stickers to be displayed on wind screen of their vehicles. It said that the Law Enforcement Agencies, District Administration etc (Government vehicles), ambulances and media organizations should submit their applications for stickers from 16th Nov to 19th Nov in the office of the DIGP/Traffic (Traffic Security Branch) Police Headquarters Garden, Aga Khan-III Road, Karachi, and obtain stickers on 20th November-2016 after 1600 hrs. The statement pointed out that the government organizations will provide departmental request letter mentioning vehicles list, while ambulance services, media etc, will provide copies of Registration Book, CNIC of the owner, driver’s CNIC, Valid Driving License & 2 photographs for obtaining the stickers. For receiving stickers /Pass for Law Enforcement Agencies, District Administration (government vehicles), ambulance and media organizations etc Original CNIC, departmental ID Card and letter pad of the department will be shown and copy of CNIC and departmental ID Card will be required for obtaining sticker.

However, the vehicles of scouts, welfare organizations, sabils, nazar & niaz distributing persons will submit their application to DIGP/Traffic, along with below mentioned documents / articles at Scouts Rabta Council Office at Numaish. (Contact NO. 0313-2200074) from 16th Nov to 19th Nov-2016, and get the receipt. The stickers can be collected from Scouts Rabta Council Office at Numaish office on 20th November-2016, after 1600 hrs. The below mentioned documents (photo copies) must be provided for obtaining Stickers / Passes for procession. (media, ambulance service, scouts, nazar, niaz etc). Registration Book of the Vehicle. National Identity Card of the vehicle owner. Valid Driving License, CNIC and 2 attested Photographs of the Driver. Letter of the owner / Organizer. No sticker will be issued without provision of above mentioned documents / articles. No sticker will be issued on the day of procession, it was further pointed out.

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