Friday, 16 April 2021

News in Pictures

NASA’s mini helicopter Ingenuity touches down on Mars

The US space agency last week announced the decision to push back the date of the first attempt to fly the helicopter on Mars from April 8 to April 11.Flying in a controlled manner on Mars is far more difficult than flying on Earth.(Picture courtesy: NASA/JPL) Ingenuity flew to Mars ...

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Summer of Vaccines Stirs Hope After Sickly Year for Mexican Tourism

CANCUN, Mexico (Reuters) – Feeling he can now travel internationally without risking his life, recently-vaccinated American Brian Sheppard hopped on a plane to Mexico’s top beach resort a few days ago to attend the wedding of one of his best friends. Like other major Mexican tourist draws, Cancun’s all-inclusive hotels ...

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Myanmar unrest driving up food, fuel prices: WFP

ROME – The political unrest in Myanmar is driving up food and fuel prices, risking pushing the country’s most vulnerable people further into poverty, the UN’s World Food Programme warned. The price of palm oil is up 20 percent in the areas around the biggest city, Yangon, compared to the ...

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Kate Middleton Unveils Winner Of Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

LONDON: The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has unveiled the winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. According to the details, the Russian photographer Sergey Gorshkov has won the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for an image of an Amur tigress hugging a tree. This picture of the majestic beast, an Amur ...

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Riots hit downtown Chicago, stores looted

CHICAGO: Large crowds clashed with police as rioters vandalized stores in downtown Chicago overnight Sunday, with officers returning fire after being targeted by gunfire, police said. Looters broke into a Chicago mall and are looting the place clean tonight. #BlackLivesMatter — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) August 10, 2020 Local media ...

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The Week in Pictures

A crow stands on a roof as a partial solar eclipse is observed in Nairobi, Kenya. PHOTO: REUTERS , A Covid-19 testing lab built with an air-inflated structure went into trial operation on Monday at a sports venue in Daxing District of Beijing to address the city’s rising demand for nucleic acid tests after ...

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