Sunday, 1 August 2021


Fight and Brawl erupts at British Indian Wedding

WOLVERHAMPTON: Shocking video clips are doing their rounds on social media of a horrific fight that erupted at an Indian wedding reception taking place at the Ramada Hotel in Wolverhampton, UK. The wedding took place on 12th October 2019 and members of the Bhatra community are seen in the videos ...

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2 women have been criminally charged over their partners’ suicides

BOSTON: For the second time in recent years, authorities in Massachusetts have pressed involuntary manslaughter charges against a woman over the suicide of her partner. On Monday, Suffolk County prosecutors announced that a grand jury indicted 21-year-old Inyoung You in connection with the suicide of her boyfriend, Alexander Urtula, a Boston ...

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Let’s check our mental health

World Mental Health Day, the theme for 2019 is mental health promotion and suicide prevention. Here are some facts about mental health that should serve as a wake-up call: One in seven Indonesians has experienced some form of mental health issue at some point in life. There are 15.6 million ...

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Study finds the reason behind youngsters engaging in unsafe sex

A recent study found that young adults, engaged in unprotected sex even after being aware of the various risks associated with it, is when the desire to form lasting romantic relationships arises in the youngsters. According to the researchers, this is the first study to directly compare how heterosexual men, ...

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Are you upset with your sibling

It was a brunch party at Darshini Lamba’s father’s place when she decided to never speak with her elder sister, Rathri Ahuja, again. The reason was the snide comments that Rathri used to pass at her. After one particularly insult-laden meal, Darshini’s father asked Rathri to apologise or leave. She ...

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People keep parasitic leeches as pets, let them drink their blood

To the disgust of many of our readers, we recently discovered that keeping leeches as pets is actually a thing. And yeah, it’s certainly… a bit different. But in light of humanity’s disconnect with nature, and our concerning lack of knowledge about parasitic creatures, the idea that some of us ...

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