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Camila Cabello’s social media mantra

LOS ANGELES-IO: Camila Cabello’s social media mantra is ”only love”.

The ‘Havana’ hitmaker came up with the words of wisdom during the bitter fallout from her departure from girl band Fifth Harmony in 2016 and she repeats that phrase to herself and signs off her posts with it whenever she is encountered with negativity online from trolls.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, she said: ”When I left the group, and when all that stuff was going on, I started to use this mantra to myself, of ‘love only’. Any time that I would feel scared, any time that I felt doubt, any time that I felt like I couldn’t do it, any time that I felt there was conflict between any of us, or on the internet, I would repeat to myself, and say to my fans, love only, love only. When it comes to the internet, it’s a powerful thing to say, because there’s no hatred here, no anger here, no resentment, no bad feelings, I don’t want any drama, I don’t want any negativity, just, love only. I won’t let anything else into my sphere.”

Despite being one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Camila – whose family moved from Cuba to American city Miami when she was just five – thinks it was an unlikely career path for her to follow because she was always shy growing up.

The 21-year-old singer was christened Karla believes she was able to create a new confident persona when she used her second name Camilla for her stage moniker.

Revealing that she chose the title before her ‘X Factor USA’ audition at the age of 15, she explained: ”They asked if I wanted a stage name, and I said Camila because I hated my name. I hated Karla. It was like this rebirth. I got to create myself again. I was Camila, and then suddenly I didn’t have to be this shy girl in the classroom … I always hear stories of people who became singers and musicians who put on shows for their families when they were very young or were the class clown or always singing in class, and people saw it coming for them. I don’t think people saw this coming for me.”

However, her shyness is still something she is affected by now, even with her millions of adoring fans and astronomical sales and streaming figures.

Camila said: ”I noticed, I get really nervous before awards shows, and whenever I go up to accept an award, like the first thing I think about is, ‘F**k, now I have to … I have to talk in front of all of these people,’ because that’s not my comfort zone, you know?”

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