Monday, 29 November 2021

British Pakistani pharmacist becomes board member for National Pharmacy Board

Nadia Bukhari british pakistani

LONDON: A British Pakistani pharmacist has become the first Muslim female and first Pakistani female to be elected to the National Pharmacy Board for England for the UK’s pharmacy professional body, The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS).

Nadia Bukhari, who has roots in both Karachi and Lahore, graduated as a pharmacist from the School of Pharmacy, University of London and began her career as a community pharmacist after which she moved on to being a clinical pharmacist in a leading London teaching hospital and finally ended up in academia.

The election process for the National Board has been a tough journey for Nadia as there were 17 candidates running for election. The three National Boards in England, Scotland and Wales form the backbone of the RPS and work strategically to influence national governments. These boards have responsibility for interpreting and developing policy as well as overseeing the delivery of member services locally.

Speaking to this scribe, Ms Bukhari said: “The support I have received has been overwhelming; both from peers and the members and I am grateful to everyone who voted for me. I am a forward thinking and dynamic advocate for pharmacists and I have a keen desire to further develop the profession. The profession is undergoing a period of significant uncertainty and change but this represents a golden opportunity for us to promote and embed new ways of working. I hope to drive this agenda forward during my tenure. I am extremely passionate about my profession. If you don’t have passion, you don’t have the drive”.

Nadia has very strong roots in Pakistan and visits her homeland regularly. She has multiple links in Karachi, where her parents are from and through marriage belongs to Fakir Syed Bukhari family of Lahore.

Nadia is an ambassador for Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education charity (PAGE), supported by the Government of Pakistan and will be championing and promoting gender equality in education through this initiative.

Nadia hopes to do some work with the Ministry of Health in Pakistan. Pharmacy is a vital part of healthcare and Nadia believes there needs to be a more streamlined approach to healthcare in Pakistan.

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