Monday, 29 November 2021

British Pakistani ‘MasterChef 2017’ writing her own cookbook


MANCHESTER: A British Pakistani doctor, who has been crowned 2017’s MasterChef champion after beating 64 amateur cooks, is now venturing on to produce her own Mughal inspired cookbook, “Khazana”.

Dr Saliha Ahmed, 29, is a junior doctor and mother of one, triumphed in the final of MasterChef after defeating two rivals Giovanna Ryan and DJ Steve Kielty, which made headlines around the world for impressing the judges with her Pakistani-Kashmiri-inspired three-course meal.

Earlier today, Dr Saliha announced over her twitter that she will be fulfilling another dream of hers that is; she will be writing a cookery book with HodderBooks.

She announced, “Why not write a cookbook which celebrates my heritage and culture and what it is to be a Pakistani. Or even north Indian or Persian,”


Since the Dr. Saliha is a amid lover of  traditional cuisine of Pakistan as well as the food of Mughals era, so the theme of the cook-book will be revolving around bringing the western audience, to the taste of Pakistan heritage and culture. She also wishes to add the recipes, in her cookbook, including Chinese dishes with a touch of Pakistani essence.

“The Mughals influence spread across that entire region from Iran to Pakistan to India… a lot of our dishes are influenced by their techniques and recipes”

Saliha further adds the food included “corn chaat, namkeen gosht, deep fried stuff, fish curries – things you would find on the highway with our ‘chefy’ influences to make it something special”.

A record 6 million viewers tuned into BBC to watch Saliha storm to victory over music teacher, who are considered amongst the top chefs.

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