Saturday, 27 November 2021

British Pakistani lawyer turns to wrestling

LONDON: A British Pakistani law graduate has turned his back on the legal profession to pursue his passion of becoming a full-time wrestler. Malik Hashim Waseem, trained as a lawyer from a London university has devoted himself to becoming a world-class wrestler to make both Pakistan and Britain proud. “I did law because my parents wanted me to do it, I did it to please them but my passion was in wrestling since I was a child. My family have been very supportive throughout and they are happy for me and respect my choice,” the young wrestler told media in an interview at an east London gym where he is training hard these days for the competition in Japan next month. “A Japanese company saw me wrestling at various UK venues and was happy to take me aboard to work, train, learn and most importantly compete against and with them over the course of the upcoming months.” Malik Waseem was six-year-old when his grandfather would take him to the park for exercise and then to the local gyms. “One day I was walking in university and ended up speaking to someone who was promoting his muay thai school. During the conversation I asked him if he did anything else other than muay thai, he told me about the London school of Lucha Libre and its then that I found my new home and the rest is history as they say.”

He explained how he chose to be a wrestler and not a barrister. “My family were and are always supportive of everything I do in life. However, I was always taught that in case anything ever happens, which means I could not wrestle, a backup plan and a degree would mean that I would not have to spend my life struggling to make a living so from a practical standpoint. “It made sense to achieve a degree whilst pursuing wrestling and once that degree was finished I can now focus on my passion knowing that I have a fallback option just in case. Plus, it put a smile on my parents faces so that’s a bonus.” He shared that wrestling is one of the hardest, most time-consuming sport in terms of the physical sacrifice, constant training in the gym and ring and constantly making sure that the cardio is at a high level. He said a wrestler’s body must be looking pristine and it is important to watch what you eat and not going to parties every weekend. Malik said that he has always been very proud of his Pakistani heritage and absolutely loves his homeland. “I have a burning desire to represent both Pakistan and Britain on a global scale, I want to inspire the people of Pakistan and England that this kid is giving it everything he’s got to make a dream his reality. I also one day wish to see a professional wrestling event take place in Pakistan and to have the opportunity to perform in front of my extended family in Pakistan.” He shared that injuries are part of all games but the danger of getting injured is greater in wrestling than in probably any other game. “I’ve suffered multiple muscle pulls, bumps, bruises, knee and ankle joint problems. Due to the sheer amount of effort you need to put in if you want to be good at these everyday little pains become a part of life.”

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