Sunday, 26 June 2022

British-Pakistani gets £1million for creating smartphone app


LONDON: British-Pakistani youngster Yasir Khattak has scored an investment of £1million for a project he built in school. Yasir, 21, made a switch and socket in his school days which can be turned on and off through a smartphone app. The smart application can also calculate the amount of electricity consumed and inform the user of necessary safety precautions. The advanced home system can save energy and even send safety notifications via an app. Yasir’s technology if used in Britain alone can save up to 1.75 billion pounds annually. The bright young boy says he got his inspiration from the famous scientist James Dyson. The application received a funding of £20,000 while Yasir was in school. The application also turns off mobile phone chargers and other electronic equipment automatically when not in use. According to Yasir, people who have a difficulty in standing up each time to turn off a light or switch can hugely benefit from his remote control. Called Den, the app works within a radius of about 20 meters, and uses Wi-Fi to relay commands to the switches.

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